We hand-select the very best vendors and professionals in order to streamline the decision-making process and make every detail, from the dance floor to the lighting, absolutely perfect.


From the soft glow of candles to the flow of the guests, we make sure that your event is flawlessly planned and executed so you can enjoy every detail.


We work closely with families to make life’s celebrations inspired and creative. We approach each and every celebration with fresh perspective and a collaborative spirit.

Events at The Greenhouse are designed by


Event Information & FAQ's

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What’s Included?

– 5,475 square feet of heated and cooled interior event space
– 6,000 square feet of exterior courtyard space
– Bridal Suite with private restroom and dry bar
– Green Room for entertainment vendors
– Event Support Space for outside vendors
– Separate men’s and women’s restrooms
– Coat Room
– Complimentary self-parking for 85 cars
– 1 hour for rehearsal
– Access to Greenhouse Manager for all venue-related question

The Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite provides a perfect location for all types of pre-wedding rituals, whether a last-minute toast with your bridal party or a private moment of reflection before you walk down the aisle. Tucked away in The Greenhouse with its own private restroom,  the suite keeps brides hidden from their guests and husband-to-be until just the right moment. After I-Do’s, newlyweds can retreat here for a quick drink or bite to eat before their big introduction as husband and wife.

FAQ | Spaces & Access

What spaces are included in the wedding package?
– Both the interior event space and the exterior courtyard are included in the Wedding Services Package.
What time do clients gain access to the site for setup?
– For single day Wedding Package rentals, access begins at 10 AM the day of the event. If clients need to access the Greenhouse earlier than 10 AM the day of their event, additional time can be added at a rate of $250 per   hour.  

– For wedding weekend Wedding Package rentals, access begins at 12 PM on Friday. If clients need to access the Greenhouse earlier than 3 PM on Friday, additional time can be added at a rate of $250 per hour.

How much time is included for the actual event?

 – Though access to the Greenhouse begins at 10 AM, the event itself may only last 6 hours. All events must end
by 12 AM at the latest


What type of music is permitted?
– The Greenhouse can accommodate all types of entertainers, ranging from DJs to large bands. However, The Greenhouse does not provide any AV equipment for these needs. Amplified music is permitted in the outside courtyard, but must be done by 11 PM in accordance with local noise ordinances. Amplified music is also permitted in the interior event space until 12 AM. However, after 11 PM, interior music must be turned down so as not to be audible outside The Greenhouse.
How much time is allotted for breakdown?

– For single day Wedding Package rentals, breakdown must be completed within 2 hours of the event end time. Any supplies or trash remaining on site at 10 AM the day after the event will result in a $250 disposal fee.  

– For wedding weekend Wedding Package rentals, breakdown must be completed by 12 PM on Sunday. Any supplies or trash remaining on site at 4 PM Sunday will result in a $250 disposal fee.

What is the timing for a ceremony rehearsal?
– The Wedding Packages includes 1 hour of ceremony rehearsal time. This rehearsal  is to be scheduled at least 1 month in advance with the Greenhouse Manager to accommodate other event rentals.
Are rehearsal dinners included in the Wedding Package?
– Single day Wedding Package rentals do not include site access for a rehearsal dinner. If clients would like to have this event at the Greenhouse, the pricing for this rental will be as listed in the Wedding Package pricing based on the day of the week. The day prior to a booked wedding is not automatically reserved so rehearsal dinners must be booked as early as possible to prevent space rental for a different event.  

– The wedding weekend Wedding Package does include site access for a rehearsal dinner. Any wedding-related event taking place between the included time of Friday at 3 PM to Sunday at 12 PM can be held at the Greenhouse for no extra rental cost.

Do you allow decorations?
– Yes. Though The Vine will provide most of the decor, clients may bring decorations themselves as well. However,  these items may not be applied to the walls or building. If bringing candles, they must be in containers to prevent damage from dripping wax.

FAQ | Event Services

What is included in the Wedding Package?
– The Wedding Package includes access to our entire interior event space. This building features a green room, a bridal suite, a vestibule seating area, men’s and women’s restrooms, a coat room, as well as an event support space for vendors. The Wedding Package also includes access to the exterior courtyard and self-parking for 85 cars. Beyond the Greenhouse spaces, a 1 hour ceremony rehearsal is included.
Can outside florists be used at The Greenhouse?
No, The Vine will provide all of your floral event design needs!
What outside vendors can be used at The Greenhouse?
All third-party vendors must be approved by The Greenhouse to work on the property. The Greenhouse will provide the client with a list of vendors that are currently approved. If the client would like to use a vendor not currently approved by The Greenhouse, the vendor must reach out to The Greenhouse Manager at least ninety(90) days prior to the event to seek approval.
Is it required to have a day-of coordinator?
-Yes, The Greenhouse does require all weddings to have a day-of coordinator. On the list of preferred vendor   there are the names of some local suggestions. If clients would like to use someone not on this list, the coordinator may not be a guest at the wedding and are subject to the approval of Greenhouse staff. If clients would like to forgo the use of a day-of coordinator, an additional $3,500 fee will be added to the client’s bill. This fee is used to cover the additional labor and resource expenses involved in wedding coordination.
Is a valet parking service required?
If an event has over 150 guests in attendance, a valet company is required. This will ensure we are good neighbors to the other local businesses who share our parking lot. Valet suggestions are provided with our preferred vendor list.
Is security required?
A security professional is required for all events where alcohol will be served.

FAQ | Contracts & Payments

What is the payment schedule?
Upon signing the contract, a non-refundable payment of 50% of the price of the selected Private Event Package + a 6% state sales tax and a $1,000 refundable security deposit are due. 90 days our from the event date, the remaining 50% of the package price will be due. Payments on the event design minimum will be handled directly with The Vine.
What is the security deposit?
A $1,000 damage security deposit is due upon signing the contract. This covers potential damage by the client, their guests and their vendors. After the event, either the full deposit or remaining amount will be refunded to the client within 10 business days. The client will be notified of any damages and will be billed for any additional repairs that exceed the $1,000 deposit.